Nikolaev vs Estonian women: is it easier to date them?

The main similarities you would quickly notice

Nikolaev girls have always been ones of the most beautiful in Ukraine. They are present on all Ukrainian dating sites, and romantic tours are often organized to this city.

At the same time, they cannot be called very typical Ukrainian girls. For some reason, they are must calmer, even a bit phlegmatic, yet extremely sexy and beautiful.

This combination of qualities makes them similar to Baltic women, and particularly, Estonian girls. What do experienced travellers say on that matter? What do these two types have in common?

·  Just like Estonian women, Nikolaev girls are not quick in giving their attention. It used to be an old-fashioned city in post-Soviet times, and it still is.

·  Maybe not exactly of Nordic character, but Niko women are patient and thoughtful even during the conflicts. They are not as short-tempered as Odessa girls.

·  Nikolaev women know how to look stylish even if they cannot really afford shopping. The same can be said about Estonian women, although their country is more developed.

·  Dozens of western men reported they have found really faithful and reliable partners in Niko women. It came as a pleasant surprise and Estonian ladies are one-men women as well.

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Of course, there are always exceptions and one should be careful with online dating, no matter which city or country he is exploring. The same rules of common sense should be applied.


How to date Nikolaev women if you had Estonian girlfriends before

If you are already acquainted with Estonian mentality, due to your work or vacations, it will be easy for you to date a Niko girl. The main principle is: be decent, and respectful.

At the same time, Nikolaev girls are very simple. They do not expect you to worship them as high society ladies or goddesses, although some of them are definitely gorgeous enough for that.

They are not demanding either. But roses and chocolates are the must if you are courting the Niko girls. They also like attending theatres and places of culture, although there are not many of them.

If you need a hint where to take them, maybe not for the first date but for the following walks, Nikolaev zoo is the best option. It is pretty famous, people from all Ukraine and other countries come to visit.

Niko zoo is quite modern and spacious, so it is more like a big park. You can enjoy it there, have a drink or two with your charming companion and turn things to be more romantic.

The main street of Nikolaev is also traditionally nice and suitable for long walks. It is very nicely decorated with lights and has some pieces of interesting architecture, so your photos together promise to be good.

The central part of the town is especially nice for the Christmas time, so do not believe Ukraine is only nice in summer. If you are choosing where to land for your winter search, pick Nikolaev.

Estonian girls

Although Ukrainian cuisine in general is very nourishing, Nikolaev did not inherit many of those traditions. People definitely eat way less than on the south of the country, so the girls keep fit like Estonians.

They also noticeably party less. Of course, young people behave similarly everywhere, but since Niko women are rather traditional, they do prefer staying at home late at night.

As a consequence, they are sober and balanced, as more as Nikolaev is not famous for its wine like many other regions of Ukraine. As you already know, Estonians do not tend to drink much either.

So the best decision is taking a Niko girl to the cinema even if you do not understand a word, simply because she expects such classical things from a date. Modest cafes are ok as well.

However, Nikolaev women have grown modern enough to love travelling, just like Estonian girls do. And we must admit traveling is very affordable within Ukraine.

If you want to take your Niko girl to the beach, try Azov sea beaches and not Black sea beaches. This is what all locals do because Azov sea beaches are way cleaner and cheaper.

Berdyansk, Genichesk, Kirillovka are just some of those resort towns and you can find more if you use the Google map. But even more surprises are coming since you can literally arrange the SPA for her for free.

Here are a few hints for you: there is Arabatskaya Strelka bay next to Genichesk. Several hot thermal springs are situated there, and no payment is needed. Just bring her there for a week.

This time is enough to improve her health even if your chosen one is over 40, or younger but has any issues connected with the skin, nervous system, or whatever else.

Estonian ladies

You should also take her to a unique Pink Lake which you can find only on this Arabatskaya Strelka we mentioned above. No analogues are found in the world except for the Dead Sea in Israel.

First of all, the lake is really bright pink which is perfect for your memorable photos together. Secondly, it is the endless source of the healing mud and salt, so it is another part of your SPA program.

There are a few other destinations for cheap travelling which are probably more popular but a bit less impressive. Those are Sofievsky Park in Uman, Carpathian Mountains, and more.

Since Nikolaev women are not unneccessarily glamorous, they are more than happy to visit such places especially if they have not been there before. It is also a new experience for you.

Finally, if you date a model and she happens to be more of a sugar baby type, you can still take her to Europe cheaply. There are already low-cost flights available in Ukraine, plus cheap travels by bus.


How to date a Niko girl comparing to other Ukrainian girls

If you have been to Odessa and Kyiv, you were probably amazed by high prices there, especially for tourists. The times when Ukraine was one of the cheapest countries to visit, remained in the past.

But there are some good news for you, Nikolaev is considerably cheaper. It is not really touristic so they have no reasons to keep the prices high, which is also convenient for the locals.

There are many small open markets in Nikolaev where you can buy seasoned fruits and vegetables for literally no price. The same comes for all other products including souvenirs that normally suppose to be costly.

So it is easy to date a Nikolaev girl and take her out comparing to the bigger cities where it costs you a fortune. Shopping is affordable as well, as more as local girls prefer practical clothes over fancy ones.

Do not underestimate the importance of the gifts for her mom. It is not an obligatory point for girls from Kyiv or Odessa, since they are not that traditional anymore. But it is a must in Nikolaev.

The same comes to other family members as well, especially her child if she has one, but if you do not want to spread that much, at least get a box of chocolates for her mother.

Nikolaev women

You can easily make conclusions about other ways to conquer her heart: be nice to her parents, ask about their health, tell her how well you treat your own ones, show the photos of your family.

Such simple actions will become your best recommendation messages, and a girl will perceive you as a serious pretender. Even if you want a short-term relationship, this strategy will help you a lot.

For sure, there are scammers and empty talkers in Nikolaev like everywhere else, but there is a minority of them. Many girls are serious about finding a life partner.

So if you plan a summer fling only, be ready to chose between two main categories of Niko girls and act accordingly. Escort girls want your money, and serious girls want your promises.

Once you promise anything regarding the future and prove you are reliable, in any way, she starts to trust you and opens her heart. These girls are a bit provincial and naive, so try to not take an advantage.

Comparing to other Ukrainian girls, they are not into the politics at all. Nikolaev is a neutral zone Russia is not interested in, because there are no big natural resources, harbours, or other strategic objects.

So Nikolaev girls had no personal reasons to take any side and hate another side. You will find them very calm and tactful in this regard as well, which is rather relaxing for someone on his vacation.