Dress to impress: best hookup outfits for guys

Best hookup outfits to impress a girl with your hot looks

In you’re in the mood for casual sex, you’d better pay a close attention to the way you dress. Even if dressing up is not in your character, it’s strongly recommended to take some trouble over your clothes in order to make your hookup experience a wonderful success. After all, if girl chooses to spend a night with you, it’s not because of your great personality. She is not there to date, marry you, or find a father for her future kids. She’ll judge your appearance and physical attractiveness. That’s why choosing the best hookup outfits is so important.

Appear in a wrinkled shirt, old tattered jeans and dirty sneakers, and watch the girl you like running away at first opportunity. A good outfit is so much better than just clothes. It says volumes about you. And it’s one of the factor women weigh when making up their mind on whether to sleep with you or not. Now, when youre finally convinced about the importance of looking smart and stylish, let’s have a closer look at some hookup outfit ideas.

Make sure you get the colours right

It goes without saying that it’s up to you to choose the colours for your garments. Some men go for total black look while others are crazy about pink ad beige shirts. Both options are fine. You express your personality through your choice of colours. But if you’re curious, there has been some research conducted, according to which, women are more likely to open up with men dressed in white, black, blue, and grey.

A combination of these colours is usually considered very "manly”, and girls do find it exceedingly sexy. If you’d like to put this theory to the test and see whether it’s true, try it by all means. But if you don’t, it’s totally alright. Feel free to wear red (a colour of passion), brown, green, purple, or whatever you feel like.

Don’t overdress

It’s important to keep in mind that a casual hookup is not your wedding. You don’t have to wear a tuxedo in order to impress a girl. There is nothing wrong with a simple jeans and t-shirt look. Only it has to be a good and stylish pair of jeans and a cute high quality t-shirt. If you overdo things dressing up for a casual hookup date, you’re more likely to scare a girl off rather than attract her.

Best hookup outfit ideas

Here we’ll put together a list of trendy clothing items you may consider when looking for a great hookup. Choose something that resembles your day-to-day choice of clothes. If you go for something radically new, it’s not unlikely that you’ll end up feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

Plaid trousers pants

If you are looking for a good alternative to your day-to-day jeans, it’s recommended to pay attention to plaid trouser pants. There are plenty of styles on the market, and you can find a pair that will perfectly suit your body type.

What is great about these pants is that they make you look exceeding stylish and sexy, but at the same time you don’t feel uncomfortable wearing them. Pair it with a cute shirt, a good pair of shoes, and you’re done. This kind of look is ok to carry for the best hookup date hookup date after a long day at work.

Printed t-shirts

There are plenty of printed t-shirts on the market that are way better and more attractive than solid colour t-shirts. You can choose a great t-shirt with a message that will either make a girl smile or will turn her on. Pair it either with a good pair of jeans or with casual trousers of your choice. Wear your t-shirt with confidence, and you’ll make lots of women turn their heads.

Polo shirts

Polo shirts are a great choice if you don’t wish to look too casual, but at the same time a completely formal wear would be out of place. Polo neck t-shirts are perfect for hookup dates and weekend fun. A good polo shirts represents a subtle combination of sophistication and simplicity, and it’s never left unnoticed when a guy wears it on a date. Whether you choose a plain polo shirt or a printed one, it’s going to be a huge success with a girl you’re trying to impress. It goes well both with jeans and trousers pants.


Jackets are super cool and elegant, and there is no reason why you should neglect this peace when planning the best hookup date. Women find men’s jackets sexy and exceedingly attractive. It’s also a good alternative to long-sleeved t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies. If you think a jacket would look to formal for a hookup, check up on the variety of styles – there are so many variations of a formal jacket you probably have in mind! For example, blazer jackets or sport jackets are absolute hits!


As you probably know, girls notice everything. They will look at your sunglasses or shoes and make judgements about your personality. That’s why it’s recommended to pay close attention to every single detail when going on a hookup date. An old shabby handkerchief can be a big turn off for a girl. same can be said about a tattered wallet or torn sandals. So you have no choice but to make sure you look absolutely flawless when arranging the best hookup date for yourself. Accessories are especially important here.

According to statistics, most women like it when a man wears a high quality watch. You’d say this piece is absolutely unnecessary in this day and age, when it’s always possible to see the time on a smartphone. And you’re probably right. But if you do wear a watch, make sure it’s a good one, preferably with a leather strap.

If you wear a belt, make sure it’s a good one. Cheap belts rarely look attractive. Also, the buckle shouldn’t be too big, otherwise it would imbalance the whole look.

The importance of good footwear can hardly be overestimated. It’s not just something you ear to protect your feet, it’s an essential accessory that can either ruin or accentuate your look. Wear a tattered pair of shoes with the most elegant suit, and a girl is likely to turn you down. Wear some stylish and clean footwear, and you’re the king.

Your sunglasses are an important thing, too. If it’s a sunny day, you’ll have to wear them, and your look will completely change depending on the style and quality of this accessory. When you buy sunglasses, don’t just grab he first piece you see. Take time over trying on a few pairs and choosing the one that suits you best. There are plenty of brands that offer attractive, but affordable sunglasses – you don’t have to spend a fortunate only to impress someone you’re going to hookup with.


Most women are very sensitive to fragrances, and sexy and pleasant perfumes can be a major factor when going on a hookup date. If you’re not confident bout choosing a suitable aroma, ask your female friend or family member to help you choose a fragrance that is a great success with women. Wear it for a couple of weeks before the best hookup date you’re planning, so you would have enough time to get used to it and feel comfortable.

So keep these tips in mind when choosing the best hookup outfits and accessories, and have fun! Most probably a girl will take even more trouble when getting ready for a hookup date, so you don’t have to feel as if you overdo things.