Best 3 dating apps for meeting Ukraine women

Why Ukraine is the must-see place for every single

Ukrainian dating online grew very popular lately, which isn’t surprising since Ukraine has a lot to offer as a resort and as an endless source of beautiful brides or girlfriends.

Western men who visit this country, want to see Maidan the area of famous political events, then amazing beaches of Odessa, Berdiansk, Genichesk. There are also nice lake beaches.

Touristic advantages of Ukraine could be described for hours, but it’s not a secret that sexiness of Slavic women is what mostly attracts tourists from all over the world.

Why travel so far if there are some attractive females in your own country? The answer is always different, and that means one has a big variety of reasons to date Ukrainian girls exactly.

·      There are much fewer average-looking girls in Ukraine than in western countries, even simple girls students on the streets look like top models.

·      Ukrainian girl is a perfect companion for a vacation since they’re very witty, fun to be with, and prefer to wear feminine clothes. Even in Russia, it’s different.

·      All Ukrainian women cook extremely delicious dishes able to drive a man crazy. And it’s such a forgotten female skill in a modern world already, so it really matters.

dating apps to meet Ukraine girls

·      Men’s interest has grown even bigger when Ukrainian mentality has changed and women became less conservative. Now it’s normal for them to search for a lover.

·      Let’s be honest, many western men find Ukrainian dating quite low-budget. Women there definitely expect much less than western or even Russian girlfriends.

The last point is very interesting. On one hand, Ukrainian women strive to be independent, they have a very creative thinking, produce ideas, open businesses, and so on.

On another hand, both successful women in Ukraine and beginners live a modest life with home cooking, going to little cafes, wearing stylish yet inexpensive clothes.

Although the process of exporting all foods and products to EU has already started, prices in Ukraine remain pretty low. It’s so easy to shop for seasoned fruits and other stuff.

Their wish-list usually consists of affordable items, unlike the wish-list of western women. Basically, it’s as simple to court a Ukrainian girl as a Filipino woman.

For this reason and also because of the sea, Ukraine gradually becomes a place number one to chose for single tourists and even for retired westerners who want to settle somewhere.

Although the main strategic cities of Ukraine are affected by political conflicts or even open war with Russia, many unimportant towns remain very safe and well-protected.

Those are Nikolaev, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Ivano-Frankovsk, Lviv, and many others. The Carpathian Mountains popular among tourists, are also politically safe.


meet Ukraine girls

Top 3 dating apps to meet Ukraine girls

Now you probably wonder, where is better to date single Ukrainian girls online having such a huge assortment of apps and sites over there. We’ll try to help you not to lose the track.

No. 3 Ukrainian app. Badoo

As it was already said, Ukrainian women are normally busy with their work or studies, so they prefer to flirt and find new persons online quickly, in a brief and convenient way.

You may already know that pay-per-letter and pay-per-minute apps and sites are just created to take more money from a man client, it has nothing to do with real dating.

As another confirmation of that, Ukrainian girls all install Badoo, which is very easy to use and basically demands only likes from you to get acquainted with someone.

However, they understand themselves it isn’t a very serious platform, and chat there only once in a while in between their real and profound search.

Ukrainian app. Brilic

No. 2 Ukrainian app. UkraineDate

UkraineDate app exists for about two years and is a bit controversial. The owner is Cupid Media and all their projects are purely commercial which is against Ukrainian mentality.

This app isn’t expensive, but even female users have to pay, so girls aren’t delighted. On another hand, it’s a good possibility to meet a local man or a foreign man who aren’t greedy.

For western users, the competition with Ukrainian men in the database may seem annoying, but the assortment of beautiful ladies is way too big to complain.

No. 3 Ukrainian app. Brilic

It’s finally a decent dating app for meeting Ukraine girl and building any kind of relationship with her. It provides the high quality services, and is completely free for women.

The chances to find a good Ukrainian lady there are growing really high, since they like the quality, design, the focus on foreign men, the focus on well-provided men, and convenient features.


Ukrainian app. UkraineDate

So how to communicate with Ukrainian women online?

There are plenty of Ukrainian dating tips on the Internet, but most of them aren’t actual anymore since times are changing too fast. So we gathered the updated ones for you.

·      Always write personalized messages, and a bit longer than 1-2 words. Seriously, you cannot attract a sincere Ukrainian girl with a simple Hello, only a scammer maybe.

·      Do not start a conversation from requiring a Ukrainian girl Whatsapp number or other direct contacts. Relax and let you two learn some basic facts about each other first.

·      It’s the must that you ask about her parents’ well-being, her child hobbies and likes if she has one, about other relatives. Family is very important for Ukrainians.

·      Even if you two are arranging a hookup meeting, do not get vulgar. If a girl allows you to be vulgar with her, it’s probably a catfisher or a gold digger but not a normal person.

·      If it’s anything bigger than just casual sex, present flowers at any occasion and without it. Slavic women like courtship and romance, otherwise, they feel unhappy and bored.

·      Meet her at nice places. Not obligatory fancy places, but at least nice. If you’re just walking on the street together for hours, or dine at McDonalds and such, she’ll find you cheap. 

These simple tips will help you to catch your Ukrainian girl’s attention and keep her interested. But if to break the rules, it will be more difficult to catch up with the trust later.


Already in a relationship: how to behave?

Today, all the world is finding partners on the Internet. People have sex, develop profound feelings, marry, have children together, although they started as complete strangers online.

Ukrainians absolutely do not differ from the rest of the world in this matter, and Ukrainian women are more than happy to travel with a foreign boyfriend or relocate to him.

But it’s still true the mentalities are different, and partners need to adapt to each other’s culture and way of thinking. Women are more flexible to do that, but men should put efforts too.

Ukrainian girl Whatsapp number

Although Ukrainian woman may show you all is well and she accepts everything as it is, she may suffer deep inside because of your differences and misunderstandings.

It’s better to prevent them before things went too far. Dating experts know which actions exactly are needed for keeping a Ukrainian woman happy and content.

·      Desire her, but remain gallant and do not get as low as seeing only a sex object in her. Ukrainian girls are too many-sided and delicate for that.

·      Appreciate her cooking abilities, but share the cleaning duties and take her out to eat sometimes. This is what Ukrainian women expect from western boyfriends.

·      Doesn’t matter if she has a well-paid job or not, suggest the taxi money and pocket money each time she goes out. Even if she refuses, keep on suggesting.

·      Let her know your plans for the future, at least occasionally. If she isn’t in these plans, tell her something supportive like how much you like spending time with her.

·      If she has a child from a previous relationship, never ignore this fact. She’ll be unhappy. Small souvenirs for a kid won’t hurt too, and she will love you even more.

It may sound like the tips suitable for all women of the world, but it’s especially true regarding Ukrainian girls. These little things will prolong your relationship and strengthen it.